SeaChange to Acquire VividLogic

--VividLogic's Offerings Include tru2way, MHP and Wireless Gateway Solutions
VOD technology provider, SeaChange International , announced last week that it has entered into a binding agreement to acquire all the outstanding shares of VividLogic , a privately owned, California-based provider of software and services to cable operators, set-top box manufacturers and consumer electronics suppliers, whose competitors include Alticast, ADB's Osmosys and enableTV. According to SeaChange, VividLogic's software products include tru2way, MHP and Globally Executable MHP (GEM)-based IPTV operability for set-top box and CE manufacturers,...

News Round-Up

--Boxee in Content Partnerships with, Blip.TV and Others, Launches "Bookmarklets"
--Comcast's Roberts: EBIF in 13 Million STB's, Cox: tru2way Enabled in 100% of Headends
--DISH Taps NeuLion to Deliver its International Channels OTT
--Dreamer's Blu-TV Interactive TV Service Deployed on OPPO's BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player
--Microsoft's Ballmer: U-verse TV to Be Available on Xbox 360 Later This Year
--Netflix in OTT Partnerships with Funai, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba
--Oregan Networks Launches "Onyx Widgetry" App Store
--Sling Media Announces Support for Adobe Flash
--Sonic Solutions in Roxio CinemaNow Partnerships with Nvidia, Toshiba, Lenovo
--Static2358/PlayJam Announces
Due to the volume of news generated by last week's Consumer Electronics Show, and because the [itvt] editorial team is busy working on The TV of Tomorrow Show ( March 3rd-4th in San Francisco ), we are covering a number of stories in this issue in summary form: Boxee has announced 1) the general release of Boxee Beta, as well as new content partnerships with/applications from,, IGN and the upcoming movie, "The Wolfman";...

New iTV Doctor Column on Playcast Media's Technology for Enabling Console Games on Legacy STB's

--Plus the Ladies of ITV Look Back at the Past Year in Interactive TV and Forward to 2010
[itvt] has just published the latest edition of Rick Howe's regular column, " The iTV Doctor Is In! " This week's column features Peter Flood , head of business development for North America at Playcast Media , discussing how that company's technology enables video games--including sophisticated console games--to be played on legacy set-top boxes.

We have also just published a new episode of our talk radio show , " Radio [i]tvt...

TiVo Slams Cable Industry in Response to FCC RFI

DVR vendor/service provider, TiVo , has strongly criticized the US cable industry in a response to a recently issued RFI from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that seeks "comment on how the Commission can encourage innovation in the market for video devices that will assist the Commission’s development of a National Broadband Plan" (note: for more on the RFI, see the article published on, December 7th ). The strong wording of the response is...

FreedTV Launches Interactive TV Application for Social Viewing

--Claims the App Can Run on EBIF-, tru2way- or WebKit-Enabled Set-Top Boxes
Boulder, Colorado-based start-up, FreedTV , on Wednesday launched what it bills as "the first cross-platform social media television application supporting real-time connectivity to mainstream television set-top boxes." In association with its existing Facebook WIWA (stands for "What I'm Watching") and iPhone applications, the company says, the new FreedTV Video Service Provider (VSP) app "combines the compelling content of broadcast and cable television with the peer-to-peer communication of social networking to create a new standard in...

Compton Communications Becomes First Canadian Cable Operator to Launch Evolution's TiVo Offering

--Evolution Recently Abandoned tru2way in Favor of TiVo HD DVR's as an Interactive TV Platform
Evolution Digital --a division of Evolution Broadband , a reseller of digital equipment to independent cable operators--said Tuesday that Compton Communications has become the first Canadian operator to select its TiVo HD DVR offering. "Now that the TiVo HD DVR is a one-box solution in Canada, acting as the sole cable box, TiVo's brand recognition as the world's leading user interface and DVR made it the logical next step to enhance our product offering," Travis...

itaas Expands Facilities and Staff in Anticipation of "Significant Growth" in Interactive TV in 2010

itaas , an Atlanta-based company that provides a range of software development, integration and testing services for interactive TV (including ETV, tru2way and IPTV solutions), announced Monday that it is expanding its facilities and staff across its US and Indian offices, in order to respond to what it says has been a "significant increase of IP and cable technology initiatives across multiple platforms," and in anticipation of what it expects will be "significant growth" in...

ADB Trumpets tru2way Demo at Recent CableLabs Interop Event

Geneva-based set-top box company, Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) , announced today that it has demonstrated live that it can "deliver the promise of tru2way for cable system operators and consumers." According to the company, at a recent CableLabs Interop event it showed how its ADB-4820C HD set-top box can seamlessly support the full functionality of both Cisco and Motorola tru2way headends and CableCARDs: the box was first connected to a Cisco headend using a Cisco...

Panasonic to Begin Selling tru2way HDTV's in Boston, Seeks FCC Waiver for tru2way Set-Back Box

In an ex parte letter, filed with the FCC December 2nd, Panasonic Corporation of North America revealed that it will shortly be offering integrated tru2way HDTV sets in Boston (note: it already offers them in Chicago, Denver and Atlanta), and outlined its plans to launch a retail tru2way "set-back box" (SBB) that would "take advantage of the continuing nationwide roll-out by major cable operators of tru2way capability in their systems" and would "convert Panasonic HDTV's...

Scoop: Interactive TV Software Company, Alticast, to Open Engineering Center in Wroclaw, Poland

--Says Move Is In Response to Imminent Publishing of GEM 1.2 Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Middleware
Korean MHP, tru2way and Blu-ray specialist, Alticast , will later this week announce that it has opened an engineering center in Wroclaw, Poland. The company says that the expansion is in response to "the steady growth of the European MHP/GEM interactive middleware and the imminent publishing of GEM 1.2 Hybrid Broadcast Broadband interactive middleware."

According to Alticast, Wroclaw--a city with a population of 635,280, which until the end of World War II...