Verizon Upgrades its FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide

In a posting on a Verizon blog, Wednesday, the company's SVP of media relations, Eric Rabe, announced that it is upgrading its FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide in order to "make on-screen purchasing and navigation faster and easier." According to Rabe, the upgrade was in response to feedback from FiOS TV customers: "FiOS TV customers wanted more detailed program information, interactive video-on-demand, more shortcuts and easier ways to upgrade their FiOS TV, and I'm happy...

News Round-Up

--TiVo Files Patent Infringement Complaints against AT&T, Verizon
--Time Warner Cable, Verizon to Test "TV Everywhere" Model Launches Augmented Reality App for iPhone
The [itvt] editorial team is currently traveling in the UK, and, because of time restraints, we have decided to focus our editorial efforts this week on news that has been less widely covered (or not covered anywhere else at all). Three of the more widely covered news stories from the past few days are covered in summary/round-up form below. We anticipate some additional interruption of our regular news publishing schedule over the next few days,...

Verizon Extends Media Manager Service and Remote DVR Management by Mobile to More Customers

--Services Now Available to Any DVR-Equipped FiOS TV and Internet Subscriber
--Company Also Expands VOD Offerings
In a posting on a Verizon blog, Monday, the company's SVP of media relations, Eric Rabe, revealed that it will later this week announce that it is opening up--at no extra charge--its Media Manager service to any FiOS TV and Internet customer who also has a DVR. The service was previously available only to subscribers to the company's Home Media multi-room DVR service who were also subscribers to its Internet service. It allows FiOS TV...

New Interviews with Irdeto's Jan Steenkamp and the BBC's Russell Barnes

--Topics Discussed Include RSS-TV and "Open Source" TV Production
--Plus Verizon FiOS TV's Rachelle Zoffer Explains Interactive TV Widgets
[itvt] has just published in-depth audio interviews with Jan Steenkamp , VP America at Irdeto , and Russell Barnes , senior producer at the BBC . Steenkamp, who co-founded Irdeto (among other things, his resume also includes stints as president and CEO of OpenTV and as CEO of Entriq), provides an overview of that company and the space in which it operates. Topics covered include the company's content management system and its other product offerings;...

Verizon to "Invite Open Development" of New Interactive TV Widgets for its Widget Bazaar

--SDK Expected to Launch in the Fourth Quarter
In a press release issued Tuesday, in which it officially announced the upgrades to its FiOS TV Twitter and Facebook interactive TV widgets that it had first announced in a posting on a corporate blog last Friday (note: for more on the updates--which allow viewers to use the widgets to send tweets and post their own Facebook updates-- see the article published on, August 3rd ), and also claimed that FiOS TV subscribers had...

Verizon Updates its Recently Launched Twitter and Facebook Interactive TV Widgets

--Apps Now Allow Users to Post Their Own Updates
In a posting on the company's Verizon At Home blog, Friday, Verizon's SVP of media relations, Eric Rabe, announced that the company has added some new features to the Facebook and Twitter interactive TV widgets that it launched on its FiOS TV platform just last month (note: for more on the new widgets and on Verizon's new Widget Bazaar applications store, see the article published on, July 15th ). At launch, the Twitter widget...

Verizon Launches Twitter, Facebook, Fantasy Sports and Internet Video Widgets for FiOS TV

--Also Launches "Widget Bazaar" App Marketplace, Announces Plans to Offer FiOS TV Widget SDK
Verizon is set to make several major announcements about its FiOS TV platform today. It will 1) unveil interactive TV services which it has developed with Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, Veoh, and Dailymotion, and which it says will create a "truly converged Internet-to-television experience" that will allow FiOS TV subscribers to connect with one another while watching TV and view a range of online and personal PC-based videos on their TV screen; 2) launch a...

Verizon Expands Availability of its Remote DVR Management Service

Verizon said Monday that it is now offering its Web-based remote DVR management service to all DVR-equipped customers of its FiOS TV service, as well as expanding its mobile DVR management service to a larger range of wireless handsets. The company launched its remote DVR management service, free-of-charge, to FiOS TV Media Manager subscribers in January: those subscribers have been able to access the service via a special Web site or through a small selection...

Verizon, NCTA in tru2way Tussle

In a July 31st letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), US incumbent telco, Verizon, complained that the US cable industry's tru2way standard "is not compatible with other video providers' networks, including Verizon's all-fiber FiOS network" over which it offers its interactive TV-enabled FiOS TV service; and encouraged the FCC to take a "platform-agnostic" approach to fostering the implementation of two-way interactive TV. The letter called on the FCC to "encourage the industry to take...

[itvt] Radio: Interactive Olympics Coverage

In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of
Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," Dalen Harrison , CEO of
Ensequence ; Peter Low , president and COO of Ensequence; Bill
Niemeyer , chief of analysis and research at BlackArrow ; Gowri
Shankar , SVP of sales and business development at