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[itvt] Column: Will On Wednesdays - Is Data Visualization the “Front-End” for Big Data?

With great graphics comes great storytelling responsibility – says founder of VISUALIZED By Will Kreth Data visualization – once the province of magazine and newspaper infographics designers – is big business now. A big, interactive business . From University Ave. to Madison Ave. to Wall St. – data visualization (or data viz - for short) is changing the way we perceive and evaluate data sets that are well beyond “blink”-like comprehension. From election result predictions...

Will On Wednesdays: Majority Report - SeeSpace and User Interface Pioneer Dale Herigstad bring Augmented Television to the Masses

By Will Kreth @wkreth Ownership. It’s the root of the quest to make TV content more interactive – and it never seems completely within reach. Ownership has been the missing cotter pin –keeping the wheels of great ITV ideas off the TV screen. Who owns the content and what interactive rights are on the table, or not – has c-blocked US ITV innovation for the past 20+ years. Indeed, it’s no exaggeration to say that...

Will on Wednesdays: Get Off Your Ads and Mobilize! - Part 3: The Seismic Shifts that Will Need to Take Place to Make TV-to-Mobile Ad/Marketing Experiences Commonplace

By Will Kreth
In our first two articles , we looked at the leaders in the race to connect TV ad impressions to mobile marketing experiences (Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon). In our third and final installment, we've talked to industry experts on how they see this movie playing out.

The challenges facing all the players in the TV-ad-to-Mobile marketing ecosystem are nothing if not daunting. Various pieces of solutions exist in discrete silos--waiting...

Will on Wednesdays: Get Off Your Ads and Mobilize! - Part 2: Multi-Screen Orchestration Tunes Up

Moving from an Era of " What's in Your Wallet? " to " Who's Your Mobile Wallet? "
In our last installment , we looked at how Apple, with its vertically integrated products, identity architecture and cloud stack, may very well be the first company to bridge the TV advertising to mobile retail experience divide. From Apple TV to Passbook, we anticipate the company will opportunistically optimize their iAds platform -- using the awareness-generating power of TV ad impressions to both mobilize and shift branded experiences to the iPhone in as few clicks as possible.

Will on Wednesdays: Get Off Your [TV] Ads and Mobilize! - Part 1

([itvt] is pleased to present another installment of our new weekly column from well-known interactive TV industry figure, Will Kreth.) @wkreth

Apple will show the world's connected TV players how to participate in the Mobile Advertising/Marketing Ecosystem--and most will certainly follow.

Remember 2007? In the blur of our age, it's not a trivial question, right? Here's a hint: It was the year Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone...

Will on Wednesdays: AdWeek 2013

([itvt] is pleased to present the first installment of a new column from well-known interactive TV industry figure, Will Kreth .) @wkreth

The mood of the 10th annual Advertising Week in New York was charged with a sense of paranoid optimism about the future of advertising and marketing. For four days (Sept. 23-26, 2013) 90,000+ folks associated with the ad industry descended on the global pinnacle of advertising excess-Times Square--to absorb...

[itvt] Radio: Review of the 2008 NCTA Cable Show

In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of
Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," a panel of interactive TV
experts-- Steve Borelli , VP of marketing and business development at
Integra5 ; industry analyst, Leslie Ellis (author of the popular
Multichannel News column, " Translation Please "); Will Kreth , director of product management for interactive TV at Time Warner Cable ; Alex