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Founded in 1998 by Tracy Swedlow and co-owned by Richard Washbourne, InteractiveTV Today (ITVT) is the most widely read and trusted news source on the rapidly emerging industry of multiplatform and interactive television (ITV).

We provide concise, original coverage of industry developments, technologies, content projects, and the people building the business to our readership, which is made up of hundreds of thousands of executives from around the world.

  • Daily News Web site
  • Email Newsletter called "InteractiveTV Today"
  • Radio podcasts called "Radio ITVT"
  • Industry Leading Conferences in NYC and San Francisco - TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT)
  • Awards for Leadership in Multiplatform and Interactive Television
  • Strategic Consulting

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Our History

Back in the early 90's, when the Internet and Virtual Reality were white hot emerging technologies, Tracy Swedlow started following news about any form of digital and/or interactive television while working for a variety of dot-com's. During that period, she participated in an early-stage company called "21st Century Vaudeville," which allowed San Francisco-wide TV viewers to become an animated cartoon character and talk to the animated cartoon character "host" live on the screen. When they spoke, the mouth of the characters moved.

Needing to be employed, she began to cover "new media" topics for various publications (trade and national). In June of 1998, around her birthday (always a good time to start something life-changing), she launched "InteractiveTV Today" as an email newsletter on eGroups' platform (now owned by Yahoo Groups). Subscriptions dramatically increased over time until that big day when she decided to write it full-time. At that point, there was only a terrible HMTL 1.0 Web site with no daily updates and the newsletter came out weekly.

Post 2000, Richard Washbourne joined full-time to improve news coverage greatly. Other improvements included the launch of schmoozing events and our Annual Awards for Leadership in Interactive Television (which are now called "Leadership in Multiplatform and Interactive Television"). These events eventually evolved into the TV of Tomorrow Show conferences, which commenced in 2006 in March and are now held annually in San Francisco (Spring-Summer) and annually New York City (Fall-Winter).

Throughout those years, ITVT worked hard to find developers to launch a real daily news Web site, but did not find success until launching the first iteration of our site and the TVOT site launched in 2008. These sites are constantly being improved and visited by 7.2 million people annually. We welcome your suggestions, contributions, blogs, or participation!