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Next Session (Above) 12/7!

Join Us on TVOT CONNECT, Our New Virtual Community!

This takes place on Zoom.

Click to find out about membership.

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The next TVOT CONNECT will take place Thursday, December 7th (2:00PM Eastern/11:00AM Pacific) on ZOOM.


  • Paid promotion in the interface
  • How great metadata is critical to being found
  • Search optimization and voice discovery
  • Recommendations
  • Launching a FAST channel
  • Preferred placement in the guide (interface)
  • The value of being “above the fold”

It will feature COLIN DIXON, nScreenmedia, “Follow the Money.”

TVOT CONNECT is a new, online, TV-industry membership community from ITVT/TVOT and nScreenMedia that aims to encourage conversation, debate, networking and collaboration across all sectors of the advanced-TV space.

You can find more details about TVOT CONNECT, including information on membership pricing and benefits by going directly to our membership page here.

Each session will take place on a Thursday at 2:00PM Eastern/11:00AM Pacific using Zoom. Members will first have an opportunity to briefly introduce themselves, their current work and their areas of expertise; this will be followed by an interview with a prominent industry leader, featuring audience Q&A; finally, members will be able to access breakout rooms where they can share their thoughts on the day’s interview and network with their peers. In addition to the interview, one session per month will feature the presentation of new, original research by COLIN DIXON, Founder and Chief Analyst of nScreenMedia.




October 12, 2023 – Sponsored by Leap Media Group – Branded Entertainment


October 5, 2023 – Sports, Rights, AI and Interactivity

September 28, 2023 – Rick Mandler Excusive Presentation of Effectv/Comcast Viewer Report


Pictured Above: Colin Dixon, Tracy Swedlow, Rick Mandler, Rick Howe, Patrick Donoghue, Paul Woidke, Rob Jayson, Mike Dean, Diana Horowitz, Caroline Horner, Rodrigo Madriz, Jason Patton, James Conley, Jerry Johnson, Karen Ramspacher, Ron Stitt, Babalou Orlowski, Chris Falkner, David Shields, James Conley, Raymond Holton, Wendell Wenjen, Amy Yaiser, and Jennifer Gill.

At TVOT CONNECT today: all these attendees (and many others off-screen) had a *great session,* hearing an exclusive presentation from *Rick Mandler, Head of Marketing, Insights and Client Experience at Comcast Advertising* on Effectv’s new TV Viewership Report. The Q&A session that followed Rick’s presentation was memorably dynamic. You can access the report here:

Stay tuned for future sessions on #Sports #Interactivity, #BrandedEntertainment, #Politics #Advertising and other topics to be announced!


September 21, 2023

Special Guests: Diana Horowitz, CRO and Co-COO of Driver Studios, and Jesse Redniss, CEO of Qonsent, exploring the issue of Brand Safety as it relates to Privacy, Censorship, Monetization.


September 7,  2023

Special Guests: 1st Session with Julian Zilberbrand, EVP, Advanced Media, Paramount + Special Guests, Phil Savenick and Kevin Lee Miller to Celebrate the 96th Anniversary of the Birth of Television and Philo T. Farnsworth!




10/5:  Sports Interactivity – Ryan Jesperson, Director of Product Strategy, and Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, CEO, Play Anywhere

10/12: Branded Entertainment – Sponsored by Leap Media and Chris Pizzurro and Others

10/19: Politics and Advertising – Evan Tracey, SVP, National Media and other guests TBD

Please contact us if you’d like to speak or sponsor.

*Also, stay tuned for the announcement of our next TV of Tomorrow Show eventTVOT SF 2024!



TVOT Connect: Your Professional TV Industry Community

Are you passionate about the world of television? Imagine a vibrant community where your passion meets opportunity – introducing TVOT Connect, the ultimate membership destination for TV industry professionals like you!

Unveiling TVOT Connect: Connect, Learn, and Excel!

TVOT Connect isn’t just another platform; it’s your passport to a dynamic blend of social engagement, professional development, and top-notch education. Here, your industry insights are not only valued but celebrated! Join our exclusive community where knowledge flows, connections flourish, and careers thrive.

Unprecedented Member-Centric Approach

Experience the TVOT Connect difference – we put YOU first! Unlike ordinary social media, TVOT Connect’s spotlight shines on our members, their aspirations, and their journey in the industry first. Then, our unique live sessions commence with thought-provoking insights and, oftentimes, data from industry experts, followed by engaging discussions with you as an integral part. Your questions, opinions, and (goals) discoveries take center stage, fostering an environment of collaborative growth.

Want to Speak or Present to the TVOT Connect Community?

If you are interested in participating as a speaker by yourself or with others on a particular topics, please contact us at the email addresses, below, or using this form here.


What Goes On and Benefits for You!

  • Immerse yourself in enlightening live sessions covering diverse industry topics.
  • Forge meaningful connections with fellow TV community members, amplifying your network.
  • Embark on a journey of discovery with renowned experts, gleaning insights from their experiences.
  • Engage in illuminating Q&A sessions with these luminaries.
  • Get exclusive access to member-only discussion rooms, fostering deeper connections and shared learning.
  • On-demand access to recordings of the live sessions, ensuring you never miss a key insight or idea.
  • Enjoy premium discounts for prestigious TVOT shows and unlock corporate sponsorships for our esteemed corporate members.
  • Preferred access to handpicked nScreenMedia content, including members-only content, early white paper access, and high-res versions of opinion imagery.

Membership Is Accessible and Affordable

Individual Membership: $40 per month or $400 annually.

Corporate Memberships are available:

Please email us for details about all the benefits and pricing as well as speaking opportunities.

Contact: Tracy Swedlow ( and Colin Dixon (

Join the TVOT Connect revolution and embrace an era of unparalleled collaboration, expertise, and growth! Your future in the TV industry is greatly enhanced now. Sign up today to TVOT Connect!


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Tracy Swedlow and Richard Washbourne own TMRW Corp., the parent corporation, which produces the InteractiveTV Today (ITVT) Web site and The TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT) executive conferences. We are headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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