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BITE OF SUPER SEARCH ME!: Recommendations Evolve

Recommendations are a time-tested, familiar way of spurring consumption.

2014 is the Year of Smart TV’s

CEO and Founder of Furious-Minds, Ashley J. Swartz discusses how a 55% increase in Smart TV shipments in 2013, is shaping 2014 to be the year for Smart TV's.Not only does she believe so, but sentiment around Charter's latest attempt to buy TWC suggests that the cable industry is betting more and more on the strategic importance of the internet in the living room.

SES Platform Services selects Xstream to enhance Video on Demand platform delivery

Xstream, the premium provider of OTT and TV Everywhere services, today announced that SES Platform Services, a leading service provider of play-out and content management services for broadcasters and media companies has selected Xstream’s award winning management system, Xstream MediaMaker™, to power their existing Video on Demand delivery platform.

Legacy TV Leaders Not Incentivized To Change

The legacy leaders in television have made it clear they are not incentivized to change their business models according to Ashley J. Swartz, CEO & Founder of Furious-Minds.

Even as audiences continue to voice their desire for a la carte options, industry leaders still act surprised by these demands, point in case Charter’s CEO response to his customers increasing demand for broadband only service.

Netflix-on-cable: Possibly the only way to millions of STBs– TODAY!

By Murali Nemani

Let’s start with some assumptions: You’ve read that talks are underway to bring Netflix to cable set-top boxes in the U.S.  You understand how it can help Netflix expand its footprint and bring new original and long-tail content to cable.  You may even know that a key discussion point is Netflix’s interest in installing its own OpenConnect caching system within U.S. operators’ networks.

Social Drafting Off TV Dollars

"Is there a giant discovery taking place in Social TV?" asks Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and founder of Furious-Minds. Watch as Swartz explains how emerging media channels like social, are trying to find a viable revenue stream in advertising and resorting to "drafting" off of a larger established media like TV.

Positioning the Emerging TV Marketplace: Social, Connected And Multi-Screen.

It’s amazing to see the changes that have occurred in the TV industry. Just a few years ago we were evangelizing a plethora of new methodologies and platforms that had just started picking up steam with buzzwords flying off our tongues quicker than most people skip through a slow commercial. Social TV since then has seen some amazing integrations, Broadcast interactivity can be found across the multiscreen space, and smart TV has seen some pickup as far as novel Apps, advertising, and consumer adoption are concerned.

There’s no “UI” in Chromecast, but we can fix that

By Anoop Mohan

Senior Director, Product Management

Steve Ballmer’s long, slow exit has set off a torrent of discussion about what’s next at Microsoft.  Apple-watchers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C, or both. But when it comes to sheer tonnage lately, there are few news items out of Silicon Valley that have been written about and analyzed as much as Google Chromecast.

Amazon’s Emmy a Huge Win for Semantic Discovery

Earlier this week the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced they will be giving Amazon Instant Video a technology & engineering Emmy award for its personalized recommendation algorithms.  This is nice honor for the e-commerce giant, but the implications for the video industry are actually much deeper.  The basis for awarding the honor was likely the historical impact that Amazon’s early item-to-item collaborative filtering algorithms, but the company may be soon heading toward a fundamentally different approach.  

Bite of Super Search Me!: Got VOD Rage?

Do you suffer from VOD rage?

You know what I’m talking about, you sit down on your comfortable couch and want to find a great movie, so you click on the VOD guide. Now the fun begins…

Most likely your VOD catalog is organized by genre; comedy, drama, action, etc. You click on ‘comedy’ and start scrolling. You scroll and scroll, but nothing jumps out of the endless list and yells “You’re gonna love me!!” The user experience is basically like reading a phone book. Lots of scrolling and not a lot of fun.

Contrarian Views Ahead: Social TV and Connected TV Advertising

Corporate/Industry cheerleading. We all do it and it’s usually done for good reason.  There is a reverse however, to whatever we cheerlead. My recent articles have all taken some contrarian viewpoints to certain aspects of the emerging TV industry in regards to social TV research, connected TV and social  TV advertising,  this article is no different. I personally am a staunch proponent of the mass innovation that is currently occurring.  That said,  incorporating some reverse ideology for the purpose of realism is a balance we must seek to create in the TV industry as it continues to rapidly shift and change.

CEO & Founder of Furious-Minds, Key Takeaways from the 2013 TVOT Show

Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious-Minds, recently attended the TV of Tomorrow Show where innovation and the future of television were at the forefront of conversations. Her takeaway: The industry is still struggling to find  revenue, despite increases in capital allocation and audiences’ growing appetite to engage with TV.

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