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HbbTV finally has its open-source solution, on

Voxtok, the best Music Experience provider for Audio and TV industries and the first company to release a HbbTV multi-room music service for TV, is proud to launch, a private Community Portal dedicated to its open-source software and releases its first private project: HbbTV SDK.

Voxtok enters HbbTV Association bringing Premium-music services and HbbTV SDK

Voxtok provides advanced music connected systems that incorporate Voxtok Music services. The company makes technologies and solutions like these, mainly available for TV and audio industries such as "HbbTV SDK” and “Voxtok Music for TV”.

Why Does CES Matter? You have to be there.

#CES2016. Come January 6, 2016 over 170 thousand people from all over the world will make the annual pilgrimage to CES. Last year’s attendance was record setting and for the first time spanning two locations, Tech East and Tech West CES, “The Global Stage for Innovation” was transformed from a trade show into a not to be missed OBLIGATORY experience for anyone in media, technology or entertainment.

#VR: The Gold VRush. Impending Bubble?

The buzz is so loud you long to get inside a VR head mounted display just to escape. VR is a hyper-accelerated market. It seems not a day passes without a significant announcement. If you think being inside a VR experience can be dizzying, try tracking the developments on behalf of clients who are clamoring to create VR experiences and immersive narrative. Welcome to the Wild West.

Four reasons why Netflix Q4 report is exciting

Netflix released their Q4 report earlier this week and since then the stock has rallied. While the obvious reason is that Netflix beat their earlier subscriber forecasts, which will cause further revision upwards of analyst growth estimates, I see several less obvious reasons, which have impact on most OTT video services.

Voxtok launches Audio Capsule at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas

With Audio Capsule,Voxtok reinvents the Music Experience by changing the way we access and discover music, providing an end-to-end Home Audio System.

Audio Capsule is a modern Hi-Res, Multi-room and connected Jukebox, controlled by a tablet or a TV. It incorporate an Audiophile player, a multi-room music server, a storage unit and a CD ripping function, controlled by a very simple tablet & TV app.

It integrates a set of advanced services (Hi-Res music catalogs, Advanced music recommendation, Audio Capsule backup and streaming) based on powerful Cloud technologies and extensive metadatabases.


Voxtok today announced that it has been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for High Performance Home Audio/Video.  Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 28 product categories.

A Great Day in Harlem - written by Larry Irving

There is an iconic photo entitled “A Great Day in Harlem”. It chronicles a gathering of almost all of the great jazz musicians from the late 1950s.

Voxtok reinforces its resources and organization in order to address its ambitions

Connected-Labs, a former French Mstar Semiconductor subsidiary – independent since January 2014, becomes Voxtok Technologies.
For many years, this team has been a well-known expert in Audio-Video and Web technologies for Consumer Electronics. It remains a very close partner to key actors on the TV and STB markets, such as IC providers, manufacturers, brands and operators, providing expertise and technologies.
The Voxtok Technologies’ team is engaged in the development of the Voxtok Hi-Fi system, combining the best Web and Audio technologies to “Keep Music Alive”.

Connecting television: the struggle to control the living room

There’s a battle taking place in living rooms all around the world. Smart TV makers are fighting set-top box manufacturers, who in turn are fending off advances from over-the-top players and traditional pay TV operators. They’re all vying for the Holy Grail that is consumer attention, and while there is no clearly defined victor at present it’s only a matter of time before one emerges. The winner will be the platform capable of becoming a central hub for all content, from linear television to video on demand, games and interactive services. This time, the key to success will be the user experience and not content.


VOXTOK and QOBUZ Enter Worldwide Partnership for High Quality Music Streaming and Download Service

Voxtok and Qobuz, the first high-fidelity music service, partner to provide streaming, purchasing and downloading of music to Voxtox’s new easy-to-use audiophile products.

This system is made of three main elements:

-       A Voxtok Hi-Fi device which includes an audiophile player, a home music server and local storage.

-       A set of cloud services based on both Qobuz (streaming, purchasing and music storage) and Voxtok’s (local and on-the-go streaming) infrastructures.

-       Voxtok’s app for mobiles, tablets, computers and connected TVs.

Mobile Marketing Forum 2014 - Ignore Mobile at your Peril!

I've been attending MMA 2014 -  the Mobile Marketing Association Forum in NYC - where the linkages between connected TVs and mobile marketing are starting to come into focus. 

Voxtok redefines Hi-Fi by combining High-Quality Audio and modern connectivity

Voxtok aims to end the accumulation of audio devices at home, reduce the number of wires, save space, and make sharing music at home or on-the-go flawless, all without sacrificing audio quality.

To realize our vision, Voxtok has adopted a unique approach: combine a high-end audiophile-grade player, audio server, CD ripper and massive local storage, all in the same box. The Voxtok box is entirely controlled by a tablet or mobile app, which can be a remote control or even a player. This app is also available for Smart TVs, Set-Top Boxes and computers. Cloud services are seamlessly integrated and will offer a wide range of features, including backup, on-the-go streaming and music catalogs.

Zodiac Interactive Adds Video Broadcast System to PowerUp Suite

Industry’s First Hybrid QAM/IP Software Stack to Power Legacy, tru2way, and Next-generation HTML5 Ecosystems, Unshackles Service Providers, and Unifies All Connected Devices and Generations of Platforms


Today from the 2014 NCTA Cable Show, Zodiac Interactive (, an Emmy® award-winning developer of software for interactive television (iTV), announced the general availability of the PowerUp Video Broadcast Solution (PVBS), the industry’s first hybrid QAM/IP Digital Video Broadcast System capable of powering legacy, tru2way, and next generation HTML5 ecosystems.

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