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Custom Marketing & Productions

ITVT/TVOT is pleased to announce our new service, TVOT Custom Marketing & Productions, which produces white-label online and in-person events for companies and organizations in the advanced TV and advertising industries.

TVOT Custom Marketing & Productions consists of two parts:

A white-label VIDEO-PRODUCTION arm, which draws on our extensive experience producing online events to create high-quality streaming conferences, webinars, corporate videos and more for your company or organization.

A white-label EVENT-PRODUCTION arm, which draws on our extensive experience in event production to create high-quality, bespoke, in-person events for your company or organization, including one-day or multi-day conferences, spa-like private retreats, team-building activities, and more.

Marketing: Ensuring Highly Qualified Attendees for Your Custom Event…

Our ITVT newsletter (founded in 1998 and reaching tens of thousands of TV- and advertising-industry leaders), together with our popular Televisionation interview podcasts and Web site, enables us to drive highly qualified attendees to your company’s online or in-person custom event. We can also promote your event via our extensive social-media presence.

Additional Services…

In addition to providing end-to-end white-label event-production services, we can also collaborate with your company’s marketing team to facilitate and enhance online and in-person events that they are producing in-house—for example by:

  • consulting on editorial agendas
  • suggesting and securing qualified speakers and moderators
  • producing show brochures and other copy
  • promoting your events to our highly qualified audience of television and advertising professionals
  • managing logistics
  • ensuring that projects are brought in on time and on budget

Contact Us:

For more information on TVOT Custom Productions, email Tracy Swedlow:

What Clients Are Saying about TVOT Custom Productions…

“Just a quick note to say thank you for all of the work that went into hosting our event. I truly appreciate all of the outreach, effort, creativity and interviews.” Paul Pastor, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Firstlight Media/Co-Founder and CBO, Struum.

“I had the pleasure of working with Tracy Swedlow and her TVOT production team on a recorded webinar event for Centriply. Tracy and her team handled management, scheduling and recording of the event, post-production/editing, event broadcast, all registration services/related customer service, along with extensive pre-evenpromotion via TVOT social media outlets/lists. Tracy, as my point of contact, was congenial, easy to work with, incredibly prompt in responding to questions (from me or to me), and deftly handled all of the logistics required for professionally managing/producing a remotely recorded video event. Under her management, the production team did a great job of capturing the video from 6 different locations, managing a real-time tech issue (there’s always one!) calmly and professionally, which ensured that a problematic sound feed for one panelist turned out perfect after post (you would literally never know there was an issue).

At my request, Tracy ensured her team took a light touch in the post-production editing–removing unwanted bits, varying shots, adjusting audio, and so on, creating a truly seamless final that flowed organically, had enough interest but not distractions, and in the end turned out as well as I anticipated. Feedback received since from viewers has been overwhelmingly positive! Tracy’s planning, pre-promotion, registration, recording, and airing of my event/webinar was handled flawlessly, allowing me to focus on the content and strategy piece, free of logistical execution worries. I highly recommend Tracy and her TVOT team to everyone looking for a well-managed, easy-to-work-with partner for event production, one that offers guidance and options while also ensuring you get what you need/want from the final project.” Valerie Myers, VP of Marketing at Centriply.

TMRW Corp.

Tracy Swedlow & Richard Washbourne

Tracy Swedlow and Richard Washbourne own TMRW Corp., the parent corporation, which produces the InteractiveTV Today (ITVT) Web site and The TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT) executive conferences. We are headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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