Star Wars vs. Star Trek Interactive Vote UGC Video

New broadband TV technologies are emerging so fast that anybody can create their own UGC ITV-interactive poll. Here is an English duo that asks you to vote on whether you like Star Wars or Star Trek. Check it out. The set-top box industry should take note of the simplicity. -- Tracy

Drive-Thru Taco Song Video with Annotations!

Ok, so this is semi-completely superfluous, but they use YouTube annotations perfectly (another example of good, emerging, Broadband TV functionality). These guys, Rhett & Link always do a good job, but this one is just fun - even though they need to get out more and to better qualtiy Mexican taquerias here in San Francisco. Also check out their "I love TV Rap" which is at this link below: They have a lot of...

MySpace Wedding is Like Todd TV - I miss that show!

MySpace in partnership with Endemol has announced their new "Married on MySpace" project in which the viewing online audience will be able to vote on the details of a lucky couple's wedding. We've seen this kind of reality contest before, but it reminded me of one of my favorite shows from years past that tried to be "interactive TV" within the context of an actual broadcast network: FX. That show was "Todd TV" and it...

TV Viewing Online or on TV?

I find that more and more I am not watching TV on the big screen and watching it online. The cable companies are not providing me with compelling reasons to use their platform. I have so many options online and can watch what I want to wherever I want to in as interactive way as I want to. What does this say when someone like myself, who must watch the entire TV industry, finds no...

TVOT 2009 - Done!

Well, we did it. We produced another TV of Tomorrow Show in the worst economic crisis year in the last 100 years. Thanks to those who sponsored it (see ), spoke at it, helped produce it. It was an intense experience. Keynotes included Ian Blaine, CEO of thePlatform, Tim Kring (EP of "Heroes"), Arthur Orduna (CTO of Canoe Ventures). We had more people there than ever before and press coverage, so people are interested...

The Time of Arrival

Shameless plug for virality of my Sci-Fi pilot.

QUBE-TV Electro Games

QUBE-TV in Columbus, Ohio. Here are various interactive TV games they played.

Live in Columbus - It's QUBE!

Can't believe I found this. Amazing. Phil Donohue does a live talk show all about QUBE (the 1st interactive television project). He does live interactive questions with the viewing audience. Completely interactive in the late 70's! Check out the guys in the control room.

Richard Titus on the BBC iPlayer

Found this of Richard being interviewed. He doesn't go on camera often.