Vote Xstream! – Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards

Xstream and Xstream's online video platform, MediaMaker, has been nominated in several categories for the European Streaming Media Readers’ Choice awards 2012. The Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award is an annual competition hosted by Streaming Media Magazine and it’s up to the readers to decide who wins the prestigious awards. The top 3 finalists in each category will be announced 27th September, and the winners will be announced and receive their award at Streaming Media...

Nordic Media Summit 2012 - Meet some of the speakers here!

If you haven't done it yet, it's time to sign up for this year's Nordic Media Summit! The event brings together industry thought-leaders for a one-day action packed conference in Copenhagen, and this year we focus on online video business models, TV Everywhere solutions, the OTT ecosystem and much more! With Netflix and HBO entering the Nordic market, the market is evolving and changing like never before. It is therefore more relevant than ever to identify the newest trends in the TV Everywhere and OTT industry - and this is exactly what is lined up for you at Nordic Media Summit 2012! This year's conference speakers feature industry experts from the online video industry. Meet two of them here:

2012 Olympic T-Commerce Medal Results: Bronze, Silver and Gold!

As NBC's ratings attest, the network is bringing home the gold in terms of total viewership. So with all those eyeballs, how are first and second screen companion apps doing in terms of monetizing t-commerce ? Well some never even entered the competition, others are in training and a select few are bringing home the medals. Here's how I score the field. Watch with eBay Wins Bronze I'll say from the start that your judge...

Quicktvpro launches New Interactive Video Service

Quicktvpro today unveiled the self-use SaaS version of their award-winning video app, which adds interactive and dynamic features into online video. “On its own, video is a statement by the content owner to an audience” said founder and C.E.O. Tod Yeadon “make it interactive and the statement becomes a dialogue”. The Quicktvpro interactive video app works seamlessly with leading video host platforms including Ooyala, Brightcove, YouTube, Kaltura and Longtail, so publishers use it to add...

Finalist at IBC!

Xstream has been chosen as one of the finalists in no less than two categories at the 2012 ConnectedWorld.TV Awards!

Alfredo Rodriguez Plays "Crossing the Border"

Alfredo Rodriguez plays his very percussive "Crossing the Border" from his Sounds of Space album. On demand TV really delivers greatness on YouTube. -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

What Makes a Modern Content Discovery Engine?

“Content is king” has long been a mantra of the media world. With myriad content delivery channels and services saturating the media landscape, content discovery has become just as important as the content itself. Some forms of media have accessible ways to discover new content. TV content, however, lags behind other media in terms of content discovery capabilities. What makes a modern content discovery engine? The answer, at least for TV, might be in content...

Emerging Television: Social TV And Participatory Psychology

Understanding the true nature of Social TV and Participatory television is a lot less about technology and a lot more about psychology and sociology than most folks tend to realize or evangelize upon. Reading the media lately, we hear a lot about differingSocial TV trends that whilst all true, are lacking a very crucial understanding of the behavioral background needed to capitalize upon these trends, which we’ll touch upon here (You lucky devils). At

NMS Newsletter, vol. 1 – Featured speaker Ann Derry

This years’ Nordic Media Summit is the ultimate event focusing on the online video ecosystem for OTT, Multi-Platform Digital TV, online video business models, TV Everywhere solutions and more.The summit is getting closer and it’s time for the first part of a series of newsletters. Each newsletter brings a selected speaker into focus and the first one up is New York Times’ Editorial Director of Video, Ann Derry. The 2012 Nordic Media Summit have a great list of thought-leaders, and their views on online video, lined up for the participants and we are extremely pleased to have Ann Derry on board as one of the conference speakers.

Blendable Reality: New Formats to move above and beyond Social TV

This is another piece I’m syndicating straight from the blog, who is leading the Social TV and “Blendable Reality” space. If Content is king and data is queen, surely interaction and socialization must be the other two members of the television royal family. I’m not yet making an interlude into anything even digital related, but expressing a truth that has been around for decades, way before the ‘Social TV’ phenomenon we know and love today.