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Televisionation Breakthrough: Daragh Ward, CTO of Shoppable-Video Solutions Company, Axonista

May 3, 2023

ITVT is pleased to present another episode of Televisionation: Breakthrough, our new podcast focusing on innovation of all kinds in the TV industry.

This episode features Daragh Ward, Co-Founder and CTO of Axonista, a Dublin, Ireland-based company best known for its shoppable-video solutions. Among other things, he explains how the company works with its customers and partners to connect innovation to business strategy, shares his thoughts on the applicability of AI and other emerging technologies to Axonista’s work, outlines the company’s future plans, and more.

Note: Axonista Co-Founder and CEO, Claire McHugh, will be speaking at TVOT SF 2023 (May 24th-25th in San Francisco; view the agenda here; and purchase your tickets here) on the following panel:

1:35-2:25PM, May 25th
Dining Room
Reinventing Shoppable Video: The Magical Marriage of Data and Sell-Through

The cash register cha-ching rings sweetly for shoppable video by any of its names, permutations or delivery platforms. Whether we examine tcommerce, livestream shopping, classical direct response, mobile video clicks or bridges to/in retail, analysts forecast a happily-ever-after for this sector. Elements to the harmonious union between data and TV/video yielding a passel of profits include: supercharged targeting beyond basic demographics to include psychographics, tribes, reward and affiliate programs; harnessing the power of pop culture and lifestyle—trends, events, celebrity, brand ambassadors; predictive analytics that help campaign creative stay ahead of the curve; the Power of Good—converting affiliated cause organizations, philanthropic efforts and initiatives; the Power of Messaging—all hail retail therapy! 360 platform integration; and more efficient ways to offer CTAs (Calls-to-Action) just-in-time.

This session will bring together established leaders and emerging innovators in shoppable TV to explore this union and its implications. Panelists include:

  • Allison Dollar, CEO, ITA (Moderator)
  • Brittany Bahlert, Content Commerce Lead, Walmart
  • Bryan Moore, CEO, TalkShopLive
  • Claire McHugh, CEO, Axonista
  • Collette Winn, VP of Strategy and Operations, Creative Partnerships, NBCUniversal
  • Jesse Redniss, CEO, Qonsent

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